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02/05/2019 Tonny
What Porn Genres Are Popular in Japan

Read this list about the most popular genres and share your impressions:

Maid cafes

100% anime thing.  In reality, a beautiful girl in a maid costume calls clients “master” and draws heart-shaped ketchup on an ordered omelet. The food is tasteless and expensive by Japanese standards (10-15 dollars per dish). But you pay for the fact that the waitress realizes your sexual fantasies. Approximately in a porn video, you can track the story with panties: he came to the store, bought, brought home, sniffed, enjoyed, everything. None of the schoolgirls suffers from it physically. Is this morally? It’s a very hard question. read more

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12/22/2018 Tonny
Female Look at Porn

Female attitude to pornography surprised scientists. American psychologists have found that men and women perceive hot scenes in completely different ways. What is do interested gentlemen may not affect ladies at all.

Among the fans of adult content, it is a very common idea that men and women watch porn differently. Say, men relish every episode, rewind, you know, ten times, and women perceive the entire video series as some kind of boring newsreel – give them everything natural, and sex, and passion, and muscle. Is it really so? read more

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09/18/2018 Tonny
Porn Industry Giants: Top Content Makers for Adults

What companies can be called porn giants? What are their main features? Here are some crucial points:

  • introduction of new technologies;
  • absorbing astronomical volumes of Internet traffic;
  • enormous money in revenues.

No Limits

Taboos should be removed from porn, says Vice President of the best porn site PornHub. But how Johnny Sins from Brazzers connected with them?  They are united by a true media giant, MindGeek, which owns both portals and hundreds of other adult resources. And maybe we are witnessing the formation of the largest porn monopoly of the planet.

“Adult web site wants to finance the New York subway,” read the headlines of American publications in, when popular RedTube platform in its desire to help deal with the financial problems of the local subway. read more

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07/28/2018 Tonny
Why 90% of all porn content produced in the USA

Pornography has always caused mixed feelings in people, especially in the USA. But let’s omit moral and ethical issues. Let’s talk about the economic component of the industry, as well as pornography in the view of everyday life. Why this country is a leader in this market? That’s a question.

There are some benchmarks on this issue:

  • The volume of the “adult products” market in the United States, according to various estimates, ranges from 2 to 13 billion dollars a year. This variation is envisaged by the fact different sources interpret the concept of “porn” in different ways.
  • The continuous growth of the sector since its inception in the 70s of the XX century, stopped in 2008, with the beginning of the global crisis. Customers began to prefer free porn products, which hit the industry very hard. The market value of the Private Media Group, the “icons” of the global porn industry, whose shares are listed on the stock exchanges, fell almost six times compared with the peak values ​​of the two thousandths.
  • Now, along with the entire country economy, the porn industry is gradually recovering. In its very heart, the valley of San Fernando, California thousands of actors, cameramen, directors continuous to work. This place sometimes named simply Porno Valley. It accounts for up to 90% of adult films shot in the US.
  • The “golden age of porn” in 1970th the United States – this time is “responsible” for nowadays situation. The films for adults were shown in the cinema, which made it possible to create new films with a larger budget and professional teams. Do you remember “Behind the Green Door” (1972) or “The Devil in Miss Jones” (1973)? That was the first time they started talking about such a concept as a porn star.
  • The appearance of VCRs has revolutionized the structure and sales of porn. The revenue of companies in the industry has increased significantly. New genres appeared: something that had recently been like a miracle, became the “mainstream”. For example, in the mid-90s we observed the peak of gonzo-pornography popularity. In accordance with the standards of gonzo journalism, the emphasis in porn was made on realistic, selfish shots, and some unusual moments.
  • With the advent of the Internet, VHS tapes and DVDs began to go away, and pornography stepped forward again with new means. In modern American society, porn stars are quite respected. Celebrities of the XXX genre are invited, often for supporting roles, but in great Hollywood and European cinema.
  • Among contemporary American top performers, we can highlight Sasha Gray, Jenna Jameson, Evan Stone and of course Ron Jeremy. Many of them were awarded prizes.
  • The top company Naughty America is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new equipment to start shooting films in ultra-high resolution 4K, the Wall Street Journal newspaper writes. Thus, fans of “strawberries” will be able to watch films in a new capacity, see the smallest details and close-ups.
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